Property Management

Whether you manage residential or commercial properties, you play a large role in keeping pollutants from your sites controlled and reduced. Read more for specific requirements that you, as a property manager must know.


Property Management

As a facility manager, property manager or homeowner’s association, how you maintain your property actually has a large impact on the water and natural habitats of our creeks and streams.

Stormwater runoff picks up pollutants as it flows over the ground or paved areas and carries
these pollutants into the storm drainage system leading directly into our creeks untreated.

Common sources of pollutants from facilities include:

  • Discharges from HVAC systems and fire suppression system testing
  • Trash from overfilled dumpsters
  • Pollutants draining from leaking dumpsters
  • Not maintaining stormwater treatment facilities (e.g. detention ponds)
  • Spills or leaks from outdoor storage area
  • Wash water that is not collected during outdoor washing

Facilities are required by law to prevent pollutants from entering the storm drainage system. Make sure your employees and companies you hire (e.g. hauler, landscapers, HVAC and pressure washers) know how to do the job right!

Keep It Clean Checklist

  • Train employees, tenants, and contractors on proper cleaning and disposal methods
  • Check outdoor areas daily—clean up any spills and trash immediately
  • Check parking lot and storm drainage system daily—clean up pollutants like leaks from vehicles and litter immediately
  • Cover all recycling, storage, and trash bins
  • Dispose of all wastewater from cleaning in sanitary sewer