Report Pollution

Many everyday products that we use around our homes and businesses are hazardous if they enter our streams and rivers. Be aware of what those materials are, how to properly dispose of them and if you see a spill in the street, report it immediately! 303.441.4444


Help Prevent Pollution

Look out for anything but rain water entering the street or gutters.

What to watch for and report:

  • Spills from traffic accidents
  • Someone rinsing a paintbrush in the gutter
    (Let the person know they should rinse the brush in the sink.)
  • A floor drain in a building connected to the storm drainage system
  • Landscaping materials in the right of way
  • Waste water from mobile cleaning operations
  • Concrete wash out

Whether you see a spill in your community or need to dispose of household hazardous waste, please take the proper actions. Improper chemical disposal is a disaster for our water if it ends up on our driveways and roads and washes into the storm drainage system.

Report Spills: