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The construction industry has some of the highest levels of responsibility regarding stormwater pollution prevention. By following guidelines established by the EPA, you can have a large impact on protecting our watershed.

How does the Construction industry impact water quality?

Polluted stormwater runoff from construction sites often flows to storm drainage systems and ultimately is discharged into local rivers and streams. The runoff can contain:

  • Sediment in quantities much higher than what is deposited naturally.
  • Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous that can cause significant water quality impairment.
  • Solid and sanitary wastes, pesticides, oil and grease, concrete truck washout, construction chemicals, construction debris, metals, and other by-products of construction processes.

Effective construction site pollution prevention can dramatically reduce pollution into stream ecosystems. There are rules established by the EPA which the construction industry is required to follow. The Keep it Clean Partners have also adopted ordinances that control all construction/development activity. Visit the Construction Regulations and Resources for Construction pages for more information.

Keep It Clean!

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