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About Us

The Keep it Clean Partnership

The Keep it Clean Partnership (KICP) is an organization made up of six partner communities: the cities of Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and Lafayette, the town of Superior, and Boulder County. While these communities originally came together to collaborate on stormwater management, in recent years the organization’s focus has shifted to also include broader watershed level efforts.

Our staff facilitate collaboration on water quality issues between our partner communities and with other organizations with the goal of improving watershed health. We coordinate training events for stormwater professionals and perform watershed outreach on behalf of our partner communities. By working together with local governments and other organizations throughout the Boulder St. Vrain basin, we can increase our impact and make progress towards a healthier watershed.

Protect, promote, and improve watershed health in the Boulder St. Vrain basin through sharing resources, building community awareness, and collecting and using data.

Keep it Clean Partnership Mission

Our Programs


Improve collaboration of stormwater management across partners

Our stormwater training opportunities allow staff and contractors from local communities to stay informed about the most up-to-date issues and regulations. We work closely with our stakeholders to identify priority training topics and provide professional development opportunities each year.


Integrate planning and analysis to highlight watershed issues and improvements 

We partner with municipalities on a water quality monitoring program and produce an annual report where we analyze trends throughout the Boulder St. Vrain watershed. A total of 6 organizations contribute water quality data from 43 monitoring locations with over 5,000 annual observations.

Education and Outreach

Promote positive watershed behaviors through consistent messaging

We coordinate watershed education and outreach efforts in the Boulder St. Vrain watershed. We work with local non-profits to provide field trips and classroom programs for students, attend community events to engage with the public, and place advertisements in local publications.


In 1999 the Watershed Approach to Stream Health (WASH) Project was initiated by a group of stormwater professionals in the Boulder St. Vrain Watershed. Throughout the early 2000’s the “Keep it Clean ’cause we’re all downstream” campaign was developed and the WASH Project was renamed to the Keep it Clean Partnership to align with campaign and marketing materials. Tributary signs were installed near roads and trails to bring awareness to local creeks. Three mini campaigns were developed in 2012 to bring attention to three primary stormwater pollutants: trash, bacteria from pet waste, and nutrients from lawn care. Starting in 2015 the KICP partners have contributed to a collaborative monitoring program, releasing annual water quality reports that discuss trends and issues in the watershed. In 2020 and 2021 the KICP updated branding once again, developing a new logo, branding guidelines, and website to showcase a series of updated educational resources.



Annual Reports