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Our Watershed Brings Us Together

Monitoring the Coal Creek ecosystem following the Marshall Fire

A team from CU Boulder is monitoring impacts of the Marshall Fire to the Coal Creek ecosystem and you can view the results on our public dashboard.

From Your Home to the Creek

Common household activities can be sources of pollutants, which are picked up by rain and snow and carried through storm drains into our local creeks without being treated.

Protect Our Water

  • How can I protect waterways from home?

    Learn what simple steps anyone can take to protect waterways from home.
  • How is water quality in my watershed?

    Understand how water quality is monitored and observed trends in the Boulder St. Vrain Watershed.
  • What issues does my watershed face?

    The Boulder St. Vrain basin generally has good water quality but like other urban areas is impacted by human activities.
  • Why is pet waste bad for water quality?

    Pet waste is not just unsightly, it contains harmful bacteria and parasites and can have serious environmental and health impacts.