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Resources to
Keep It Clean


Residents of any watershed can act daily to protect waterways and reduce their impact on the stormwater system.

  • Picking up after pets
  • Washing and maintaining cars
  • Properly maintaining gardens and lawns
  • Responsibly disposing of household waste


All businesses can take action to protect waterways. Specific businesses who handle hazardous materials and have outdoor operations can directly impact our creeks and streams.


Find free educational resources for educators to use inside and outside the classroom. Explore free programming available to teachers in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts.

  • Water pollution activities
  • Watershed worksheets
  • K-5 Rain, Rain Indoor Classroom Program
  • 2nd Grade Nature Experience Field Trip

Stormwater Professionals

Search for training opportunities, recorded presentations, and other materials that support stormwater, construction, and maintenance professionals in protecting waterways.