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For Families

Foster a love for our watershed at home! On this page you will find activity pages and ideas for hands-on activities to do at home, in your neighborhood, and around your community. Materials are provided in both English and Spanish whenever possible.

Activity Sheets

Boulder St. Vrain Watershed: KICP Explore Your Watershed Activity Guide –  Bilingual English/Español


General Watershed: KICP General Explore Your Watershed Activity Guide – Bilingual English/Español


Hands-On Activities

  • Build A Watershed: Using materials found around your home build a watershed to explore how water moves through the landscape. For a smaller project, use a cookie sheet, newspaper, and trash bag to build your watershed.
  • Water Cycle in 3 Simple Steps: Use a cup, shaving cream, and food coloring to see the water cycle in action: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
  • Make a Rain Gauge: How much water do plants and gardens need to survive? Turn a 2-litter bottle (or any container) into a rain gauge to measure precipitation amounts.
  • Erosion in a Bottle: See how plants help keep our waterways clean.
  • Build a Terrarium: Watch your beautiful indoor terrarium thrive as water is reused over and over in this closed system.
  • Play Hide and Seek with Pollution: How do you identify pollution? What types of materials can pollute our environment?