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Here in Colorado, we take great pride in our pristine natural environment. Do your part in keeping our precious waters clean. Be part of a StreamTeam, schedule a presentation, or mark your local storm drains. Your kids will enjoy meeting H2O Jo at local events!


Help Us Keep It Clean

Join us in preventing storm water pollution. Learn about the things you can do every day which will help maintain Colorado’s most precious natural resource.

  • Be Part of a StreamTeam

    Grab your friends and family and clean up a section of your local creeks. By committing to just a few actions each year, you will make a visible and lasting impact on your local environment.

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  • Schedule a Free Program for Your HOA

    Thank you very much for your presentation! I think it was very well done and very well received.It made us all think a little harder about protecting our water.

    Louisville HOA President

    Learn ways your homeowner’s association and residents can prevent stormwater pollution. Audiences find our interactive presentation on water pollution very engaging and informative. Request a presentation today and help create informed, intelligent residents who care about our precious Colorado environment.

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  • Schedule a Presentation

    Spread the word! Stormwater protection is such an important environmental issue! Help promote awareness of the topic by scheduling our water experts to present at your next neighborhood or community meeting. With all of us working together, we can have a large positive impact on our environment and keep our most precious resource clean!

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