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For Businesses

Specific businesses can unknowingly have a direct impact on our creeks and streams. They can impact stormwater during day-to-day activities such as:

  • Cleaning equipment or buildings
  • Handling materials

  • Maintaining cooling and refrigeration equipment
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Dealing with spills

We are here to help educate you about the rules and regulations surrounding your business and water quality issues.

We are here to assist:

Car Washes

To increase awareness of storm water pollution prevention among car owners, KICP posted signage at most local self-serve carwashes thanking the community for using a commercial car wash instead of washing their vehicles at home on impervious surfaces, which drain directly to our creeks.

Car Washing and Maintenance Brochure

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners have been identified as having the potential to negatively impact water quality due to the illegal practice of discharging wastewater to storm drains. Waste water must drain to a sanitary sewer system.

Carpet and Furniture Cleaner Resource Sheet

Gas Stations

The water quality impacts posed by motor vehicles have been well documented.

Gas Station Resource Sheet

Hood Cleaners

Mobile cleaners perform restaurant hood cleaning typically at night when the restaurant is closed. The cleaners have been known to move the equipment to the exterior of the restaurant for cleaning without proper water quality protection practices. This practice is illegal and the waste water must drain to an inside sanitary sewer drain.

Hood Cleaner Resource Sheet


Landscape maintenance service providers perform many activities that have the potential to negatively impact water quality – including fertilizer and pesticide application, irrigation system installation and maintenance, mowing, and material staging.

Landscape Maintenance Resource Sheet
Receive Training on Permanent BMP Maintenance at CSU Stormwater Center


Mobile Cleaners & Pressure Washers

Common sources of pollutants from mobile cleaning businesses include, soap, oil, grease, paint and dirt. Exterior cleaning benefits water quality when done with water quality in mind.

Pressure Washing Brochure
Wastewater Recovery Resource Sheet
State Pressure Washing Guidance

Outdoor Special Event Coordinators

Events Resources Sheet

Pool Services

Draining Pools Spas and Fountains Brochure

Rental Stores and Their Customers

Rental Stores Brochure


Common sources of pollutants from restaurants include:

  • Litter and liquids from dumpster areas
  • Grease from spills or leaks from outdoor grease bins
  • Mop water being poured outside
  • Wash water that is not collected from outdoor washing

Restaurant Brochure
Restaurant Resource Sheet

Small Construction Projects

Small Construction Projects Brochure

Vehicle Service FacilitiesVehicle Maintenance

Common sources of pollutants from vehicle repair businesses include:

  • Vehicle fluid leaks
  • Outdoor washing
  • Outdoor storage

Vehicle Repair Resource Sheet