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Pet Waste

Keep pet waste out of our streams

Pet waste is a major contributor to stormwater pollution. Rain and melting snow flows across yards, dog parks, and trails on its way to creeks via our streets and storm drains.

The Impact

Pet waste contains harmful bacteria, parasites, and nutrients that do not belong in our waterways. This includes pathogens that can cause serious illness in humans. Rain and melting snow carry these pollutants from yards, parks, and trails to local streams. Nutrients from pet waste can cause harmful algae growth and negatively affect aquatic life.

You Can Make a Difference

  • Be prepared: carry extra bags on the trail, at the park, around your neighborhood, and anywhere else you take your dog.
  • Pick up after your pet at home using bags or a scooper and place in a trash can.
  • Pick up pet waste and place bags in a secondary container for easy carrying back for proper disposal. Never leave bags on the side of trails, there is no one designated to clean them up.
  • Keep your dog leashed unless allowed otherwise; your dog should always be within sight and able to hear your call.

Keep Your Trails Clean and Safe

Picking up dog waste does not just protect water quality, it also keeps our local trails clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you know all the rules about dog waste and the voice and sight requirements for Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP).  To learn more, visit and remember to pick up after your dog!

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