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Yard Waste

Use the nutrients in yard waste

Grass clippings, fallen leaves, and cut branches all contain nutrients that are important for soil health and plant growth. Composting or mulching yard waste to use in gardens and landscaping puts these nutrients to good use.

The Impact

While nutrients in yard waste are great for composting, in excess they can cause algae growth in waterways. Algae can rob the organisms that live in our streams from the oxygen they need to survive, not to mention killing fish along the way.

What You Can Do

  • Mow regularly to avoid long grass clippings, then compost grass clippings or sweep them back onto the lawn.
  • Compost or mulch leaves and other organic matter instead of putting it in the street. Look for leaf and branch drop-off services and events in your community before throwing them away.
  • Use dry cleanup methods for debris, such as a broom and dustpan, whenever possible. If you must use water, divert it to landscaping where it can infiltrate.